Rough Night

Rough Night ★★★½

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Some thoughts:

1) First off, if this movie was exactly this but it was The Hangover Part 12 with five guys as the main characters, you’d all love it. You need to lighten the fuck up my dudes. 

2) A note on the cast: Not sure why Scarlet Johansson agreed to this, but it strangely made me respect her more. Kate McKinnon’s Australian accent is way off at times, but I’ll forgive her because she’s the funniest person in this movie. Ilana once again plays the same character, but I love her so who cares? And Zoe Kravitz does a brilliant job as the white black lady because she can do no wrong. 

3) Sure it’s not the best comedy I’ve ever seen and it was super ridiculous, but it’s better than a 2.5. I mean, it’s also better than most of the 3.0 dudebro comedies on here but sure, keep going with your half star ratings! ✌🏻 

4) It’s fine. Calm your butts down.

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