The Game

The Game ★★★★½

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Some thoughts:

1) As you’d expect, this is as dark and atmospheric as any David Fincher movie. And that’s a good thing. Also, what kind of Fincher movie would be complete without an ominous score?

2) Don’t know what it is, but this film gripped me in a way that Zodiac couldn’t. The Zodiac Killer is super interesting but I already knew everything about him that was covered in that film. This was a fresher concept for me for sure. 

3) Not gonna lie, I think this is as good as Seven, if not better. I said what I said. I was consistently mesmerised throughout the whole thing. 

4) Michael Douglas is perfect in this film. He plays rich asshole investment banker with a heart so well that I’m not sure there’s an actor who could have been better. 

5) I guess this was just my cup of tea. Anything thriller-y with a mystery twist is absolutely my jam, and this ticked those boxes for me. 

6) I’ve deducted half a star because I do believe it could have been more pacy at times - certain elements of the plot could be tightened up.

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