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  • Weird Woman

    Weird Woman


    During an academic trip to ‘the islands’ an oafish safari suited Lon Chaney Jr. haplessly transgresses against local tribal customs in flirtatious pursuit of Anne Gwynne’s Paula, the titular Weird Woman. After being set upon by tribesmen, Norman (Chaney) is nursed back to good health by the doting Paula and the pair are swiftly married.
    Weird Woman Paula is then whisked away back to the states and dumped amongst a treacherous community of academics.
    Mundane campus intrigue plays out and…

  • Trapped



    A countrified Henry Silva gets cockblocked by a couple of young peeping yocals and so begins his maniacal rampage at the head of a small backwoods community.
    So much time is spent documenting his initial revenge on a welfare worker and dominance over the locals that the college kid protagonists who chance across the chaos are never really fleshed out. Their escalating peril feels perfunctory in contrast to Silva’s scene-stealing, hollering zealot. Nicholas Campbell’s angsty pacifist leads the city folk…

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  • Exorcist II: The Heretic

    Exorcist II: The Heretic


    As a sequel to The Exorcist? - Yes, it's a dismal failure.
    Viewed as a stand-alone, loopy, mystical/sci-fi/horror hybrid dragged along by a manic Richard Burton performance? - It's actually quite fun.
    Somehow I missed out on(avoided...) seeing this until very recently, but finally got my opportunity to view it on the big screen as part of the BFI's John Boorman retrospective.
    Seen in a Boorman context alongside the likes of 'Excalibur' and 'Zardoz', it made a lot more sense…

  • The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears

    The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears


    A kaleidoscopic Giallogasm, The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears is every fetishistic quirk and visually arresting Giallo motif ripped from the guts of an already strange sub-genre and spliced into something brilliantly deranged.
    I imagine that watching this film is akin to looking through the eyes of your most twisted Giallo killer and finding it impossible to coherently focus on anything but the mad passions that compel them!
    I get the feeling that The Strange Colour of Your Body's…