Digging Up the Marrow ★★★

I'm torn. On the one hand we have Adam Green et al totally failing to convince in wink wink nudge nudge mockumentary mode. Dramatically speaking Digging Up the Marrow never feels like much more than a talented group of horror geeks larking around with the resources provided by producing superior fare.
But on the other hand...it did make me jump, it did creep me out and it also made me laugh, although probably not as much as the film-makers were hoping for.
The contribution of Ray Wise is crucial, his William Dekker character being the only on-screen presence (other than the monsters...) to lend an admittedly askew sense of credibility to proceedings.
So a tolerance for Adam Green being Adam Green is probably essential to enjoying Digging Up the Marrow, but it's the fantastically grotesque monsters and genuine talent for horror film-making that really make it worth a watch.

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