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  • Listen Up Philip

    Listen Up Philip


    Soooo BORIMG

  • 47 Meters Down

    47 Meters Down


    lmao WOW can't believe this is getting all 1 star reviews...

    a lot of this will be what i was talking about with graham earlier: i really like this kind of melodrama. the way the end of a relations (trapped, scared, attacked, confused, in pain, betrayed, no hope) becomes the cage accident. it's effective and moving. i also think this is incredibly beautiful. at a certain point i did feel that this became too much. with the protagonist's situation, there…

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  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    the idea that love can save is false. wonder woman presents us with black and white morality: blind hatred must be matched with blind love. love cannot save anything. accessible critical thought, defensive protection, and political action can, perhaps, save us.

    now as a piece of entertainment, this film is fairly basic. the ugliness of europe, that typical wet cement look of the superhero film, is simply not pleasant. the humour, when there, is deadening. the amazonian island is beautiful,…

  • It's Kind of a Funny Story

    It's Kind of a Funny Story


    probably a great film if you've never been in a psychiatric hospital or if you've never seen a good movie and have no concept of artistic or narrative quality.