It's Only the End of the World

xavier dolan makes a hipster film about 6 years after hipsters stopped being a thing.

everything about this is frustrating. it feels simultaneously juvenile, and out of touch. dolan is obviously young and can't handle a film this big. but then i'm struck with this feeling that the film was made by someone who wants to appeal to the kids and doesn't really know how to anymore.

the film flaunts good taste. but not in a good way. it's not a sirkian melodrama, by any means. it's just dramatic. heightened for no reason, the characters are horribly irritating. this feels like very, very bd cassavetes. the choice to just have everyone be brash and loud isn't a good one. the use of music is always off, and feels a bit embarrassing. actually the whole thing just feels embarrassing when it's not just plain frustrating. there's one scene where two characters listen to blink-182, and all i could think of was the general disbelief that people would've paid to see blink-182 at fyre fest. is this film for the fyre fest demographic? is that why i don't get it?

i get the sense that dolan is getting to old to coast on youthful charms, but he's still too young to craft a successful, serious film. this is nothing more that about an hour of music videos padded out with shouting matches.