Xanadu ★★★★★

Art is not just about having muses to influence you or to build upon those influences, but to engage with and help that artistic muse come alive in a way you wish they could. Art is more than simply craft and production structure, it requires genuine spark, passion, daringness and interrogating why you do what you do and for the circumstances and your contributors to be a matter of luck, trust and good timing.

Seeing all the artists on display here, be they in the text or in a metatextual way, speaking their truths in dialogue and coming alive in the filmic represantation of their expression of desires is so invogorating and I could live off the heartful energy of this beaming glow of a film, this collection of soulful and joyous artists and artistry, for all time. Besides the stylistic explosion of the inner desires and outward talent of these artists filling us with vigor, it's the themes of generational torch-passing and growing amalgamation of past and present crafts and desires to carve a new future of expression that is truly the heart and soul of the film. The metatextual handing down those spirits, resources and influences to meld into a new mix of sights and sounds never seen before or at least never in this context, or after, is both a perfect encapsulation of its time and cultural desires as well as a thanklessly (if going by critical reception) putting these stars of its past adoration and present bright stars and shines into perfect ember for all time living their most loose and free spirited both could hope to do during that time.

It is a miracle this was made when it was made and captured so much about what is wonderful about... CAPTURING these artistic talents onto a medium that can theoretically live on forever. It preserves their hopes, presence, joys, glow and expressions that can be immitated but never replicated. It puts forth so much in its text and metatextual existence what is soooooo wonderful about film as a medium, making wonderful use of the strength of its medium of sights and sounds while never letting up that it is definitely playing around and having fun with the tools at hand.

The stars can shine oh so bright and illuminate our dark periphery to center our world and help us make sense of it when reading into them. What a wonderful world Xanadu centers us in, shining so brightly like an explosion from a faraway place from a faraway time long ago. Magical motion picture!

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