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  • Deepwater Horizon

    Deepwater Horizon


    The quality of summer blockbuster we need, even if we don't deserve it.

    What a shame that more people didn't go see DEEPWATER HORIZON in cinemas, because this is the real deal: a stellar disaster film that people will enjoy when they discover it on Netflix or TV months from now. I highly recommend it. *

    * As does Barry Jenkins of MOONLIGHT, apparently. He loves this film so much he's seen it four times.

  • Jackie



    An interesting portrayal of how legacy is constructed and memory is flexible. A neat performance by Natalie Portman who truly slips into that accent and iconic dress. Both Billy Crudup and Peter Sarsgaard are fierce foils. The cinematography is the most accomplished aspect, evoking long-ago newsreels and right-now frenzy with the same authenticity.

    Yet, something about this film is underwhelming. I'll look back on it as an exercise I admired, not an experience I adored.

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  • Selma



    Many people deride those who actively follow the Oscars and/or those who get dismayed when a film they like is ignored by the AMPAS. "How are the outdated views of a mostly old, white, and male electorate pertinent to what you believe to be great art?!"

    SELMA is the epitome of why I follow the awards season and feel the Oscars are important. It's hard to put into words how much attention Oscar glory showers on a film and how…

  • Indignation



    I don't know if James Schamus meant this as a love letter or as a fuck you to his time at Focus Features, but INDIGNATION is the Focus-iest film I have seen in recent times. (And this is a compliment.)

    Schamus's script is tender and assured. He sketches his characters out with beguiling patience; he's being deliberate, not slow. Logan Lerman and Sarah Gadon comprise my favorite on-screen couple of 2016. And, yes, that 13-minute showdown with Lerman's character has…