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  • Equilibrium



    A tragically underrated and wrongfully tarnished sci-fi action flick from the 00's about a dystopian land where feelings and arts are against the law. Perhaps not the greatest innovative masterpiece of its kind, but Equilibrium boasts some decent acting, a mythologically solid world with a higher theme of science fiction, exceptional fighting sequences filled with delicately-crafted choreographies, perfectly cold emotionless people into genius ractions, as well as exqusitely stylish imagery and suspenseful music throughout. Despite a limited budget, it makes perfect use of it and wears its plenty of cinematic and video game references proud, parading as a slick and exciting action movie of its own.

  • Sintel



    Serving as the story of an unexpected friendship between a girl and a dragon, Sintel builds a beautiful world for its characters to flourish in. Even though the 00's-video-game kind of animation is not really my style of preference for films, it is admirable that it was achieved by the sole use of an open-source program and it does carry some nostalgia as well. It's the story that truly stuns here though, effortlessly touching a soft nerve by going really dark towards the end and spreading heartbreak like no other.

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  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four


    No need for yet another origin film in the first place, and especially one that spends most of its time explaining how the four pals got to the point of becoming a superhero squad, without the characters at least getting the required insight. In addition to that, it felt like Dr. Doom wanted to destroy the world without that much of a reason, so cheers to a wasted super-villain. Fantastic Four makes it hard not to believe that three action…

  • Warcraft



    The silver screen adaptation of one of the world's most popular video games does not seem as one for general audiences without knowledge of the games. Even though I don't have the slightest clue about the games, I can objectively say that Warcraft is one hot mess of a movie, but does get a bunch of things right.

    No doubt the script is poorly written with a bunch of underdeveloped characters to an extend that it can't be forgiven. Acting…