Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

Zack Snyder's post-apocalyptic zombie heist affair about some kind of suicide squad, taking place in Vegas baby. The Netflix-released Army of the Dead is an extravaganza of a mash-up between action crime and horror, bringing the director back to some of his roots and reuniting him with the undead, where he finds home and makes a great picture out of it. The film is non-stop mindless fun, backed by pure gore and a tremendous soundtrack, filled with badass characters, great-looking zombies and creatures, witty comedy, lots of blood, on-point performances, a bunch of Sin City trademarks, and iconic music, making for a wholesome experience that leaves one full. Sure, it does overstay its welcome, further proving the point that Snyder needs a damn good editor he will be able to trust in the long run; but who can blame him for not wanting to cut things out of this amusement park of a mad world he made? Not me.

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