1975: To Watch

I was born in 1975 and as I'll be turning 40 this year, have decided to celebrate by trying to watch a good number of films from that year (I'll also be listening to a good chunk of music from 1975 as well). This list will serve as my watchlist for the year.

The list will have some popular and some not-so-popular films... basically anything I feel will interest me or serves as a good time capsule of its era. Some I haven't seen, some rewatches.

  • Jaws
  • The Stepford Wives
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock
  • Cooley High
  • The Giant Spider Invasion
  • Mandingo
  • The Black Gestapo
  • Numéro Deux
  • Switchblade Sisters
  • The Amorous Milkman