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  • Squirm



    A downed power line creates havoc in a tiny Georgia fishing town in the form of aggressive bloodworms, ready to attack.

    This independent, small-scale thriller is a unique kind of flick that was endemic to the 1970s: a modest, regional-type film without Hollywood gloss or big names, but instead packing ingenuity and vision. (Think TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.)

    Jeff Lieberman writes and directs, and the milieu of this one will remind you of his 1981 slasher film JUST BEFORE DAWN. His…

  • The Raven

    The Raven


    Three elderly sorcerers engage in a madcap battle of skills. 

    Dull, unfunny, and pretty nearly without charm, this lightweight Poe “adaptation” is one to miss for sure.

    The cynical side of Roger Corman is on display here as the cast of stars is assembled, then dropped into a single cheap set for 80+ minutes of mugging and dumb gags. 

    Very little happens in the picture, with a hint of a revenge story at the outset, but the final hour of…

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  • The Big Heat

    The Big Heat


    Glenn Ford is a rogue cop who quits the force to pursue vigilante justice — you’ll be amazed that a film so cynical and intense came from the 1950s. Dark, brutal, and cathartic. 9/10.

  • The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave

    The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave


    A wealthy lord is haunted by the memory of his long-lost unfaithful wife: her image and voice seem to taunt him from every corner of his lavish castle estate. He's losing his mind! ...Or is he?

    Combining elements of giallo murder mystery; Gothic old-castle ghost story; and sleazy, swinging-London debauchery, EVELYN delivers terrifically despite missing some key exploitable touchstones. (Namely, gory or graphic murders, fast-paced action scenes, or (mostly) any ghouls or creatures.)

    In the lead role is lanky Spaghetti…