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  • The Brain That Wouldn't Die

    The Brain That Wouldn't Die


    So sleazy. So very sleazy.

  • The X from Outer Space

    The X from Outer Space


    Colorful, silly giant-monster epic from one of Toho’s rival studios. Begins as a mission-to-Mars space opera but shifts to creature mode when it’s discovered that a bit of space debris is actually a monster egg. 

    Impossibly colorful, kitschy and loaded with spectacle, it could be the archetypal Japanese monster flick. Imagine a Godzilla film with bluer skies, groovier fashions, more stern-faced scientists, all scored by Esquivel’s jazz combo. Good fun for those in the know.

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  • The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave

    The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave


    A wealthy lord is haunted by the memory of his long-lost unfaithful wife: her image and voice seem to taunt him from every corner of his lavish castle estate. He's losing his mind! ...Or is he?

    Combining elements of giallo murder mystery; Gothic old-castle ghost story; and sleazy, swinging-London debauchery, EVELYN delivers terrifically despite missing some key exploitable touchstones. (Namely, gory or graphic murders, fast-paced action scenes, or (mostly) any ghouls or creatures.)

    In the lead role is lanky Spaghetti…

  • The Tattooed Stranger

    The Tattooed Stranger


    Solid and entertaining NYC-lensed police procedural. The emphasis on forensics and banter between the two detectives will have you rubbing your eyes to make sure you’re not actually watching a vintage early-‘90s LAW AND ORDER. 

    The iconic New York location, brisk pace, terse drama, bursts of action serve to easily outweigh the amateurish lead actor (John Miles) and some overly corny “clever” dialogue. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Viewed via TCM’s Noir Alley.