2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

AFI #15

Well holy shit. What should I say? I have been waiting a long while to watch this, so I’m glad I did. I really have no good words to explain or write a review. The story made more sense then at other parts, for one thing. And this is one slow film. I was drifting away watching this, but kept on going. Didn't even look at my phone. But I enjoyed the story, and how even though it was slow and strange, it was real beautiful. But what happened? It was going so well, and then a rectangle has to mess it up. The ending? Definitely strange. Lynchian feeling. I have no explanation on the ending, but I got a general idea sorta of what happened. An amazing film. Would be nice to see it in a theater too. 

Cinematography? ✨chefs kiss✨. Production Design? ✨chefs kiss✨. HAL’S singing? ✨mua✨ 

Also, that ending? Like 

G i a n t  b a b y