• The Omen

    The Omen



    This film was the definition of creepy! It was so effective in creating a spine-chilling atmosphere that screamed out of the scream; the death scenes and the score integrated into them were absolutely haunting. Damien himself had a sinister feel surrounding him, it was a perfect presentation of eeriness.

    The pacing was quite good, however it did slow down at times. It certainly didn’t feel like a close to 2 hours film though. 

    I’d also like to add that those animals were so well trained, like how were they able to train them so well???

  • The Strangers: Prey at Night

    The Strangers: Prey at Night



    My review 

    I know I only watched this the other day, but I was showing it to Adam and he enjoyed it! Happy days

  • The Strangers: Prey at Night

    The Strangers: Prey at Night



    31 Days of Horror: Day 12

    I personally love this film, it’s safe to say (even though I do like The Strangers) a lot more than it’s predecessor. I thought it was a great idea to change pace and keep this film fresh and unique compared to the 2008 The Strangers; they created a fast pace Slasher movie, with a lot of unsettling moments in. 
    What I found so creepy about the first film is that there was no…

  • The Town

    The Town



    This was an intense film the started with a bang and ended with a bang; a gripping crime thriller that had me hooked throughout. 40 minutes into a 2hr film and I honestly did not know how it was going to pan out and what there were to come, I was impressed by the end results.

  • War of the Worlds

    War of the Worlds



    31 Days of Horror: Day 11.

    Yes, I am saying that this is a horror. Like come on, big alien robots destroying homes, killing people and just being so god damn intimating… it’s a horror. 

    The narrative of an ordinary family trying to make it across the country to find their family (in this case Ray’s ex wife and mother of their two children he has with him) makes the story flow and has a purpose. A family simply…

  • The Power

    The Power


    31 Days of Horror: Day 10

    I really couldn’t get into this and completely missed what actually happened at the end because I just lost all concentration and interest mid way through the film.

    Main pro I’d say about this one is that the acting is all there, mainly from Rose Williams- she steals the show for sure. Also, it was very atmospheric.

  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale



    31 Days of Horror: Day 7
    So this film is excellent, through and through. It’s a really disturbing story and it places you in the characters shoes: what would you do if you were taken to an island and told to kill your class mates? I can only imagine how traumatic and terrifying that must be. 

    This takes place in a world where there is: 15% unemployment, 10 million out of work, 800,000 students boycotted school, juvenile crime rates…

  • Ma


    31 Days of Horror: Day 6 

    This was actually surprisingly better than what I thought it would be. It takes a very drastic change as the film progresses, which leaves an apprehensive feeling for me while I watched the events unfold. 

    It’s a complicated one as I felt sorry for Sue-Ann, however I knew that her actions were utterly terrible and should not have ever been committed. Just shows you how bullying can be so messed up that it…

  • 28 Weeks Later

    28 Weeks Later


    31 Days of Horror: Day 5

    Excellent sequel into the 28 universe (bring out 28 months god damnit) a lot of people feel this is very average and in adequate compared to 28 Days, however I’m not one of those people.

    I like how they changed up the pace to add something unique when compared to 28 Days; it was more action packed and fast paced, which amounted to an edge of your seat experience. It was a gripping film with…

  • 28 Days Later

    28 Days Later



    This film is actually scary; the unique thing about this film is that the zombies/infected aren’t only the scary thing here, the people are. The people are more scarier than the actual zombies at times- if you want to call them zombies, they’re technically just infected but ah well. The actions these men are willing to commit is utterly terrifying, I fear for the lead characters that we’re rooting for. The infected being as strong as they’re, being as…

  • Quarantine


    31 Days of Horror: Day 3

    So I love REC so much, as you could tell from my recent review of it here, so this was a huge disappointment! I’ve watched it in the past with my friends, however we were talking throughout so I couldn’t get a real feel from it. Therefore, I thought it was right to give it another go after re-watching REC.

    I can see why they did this remake, I can see why it’s nearly identical.…

  • [REC]



    31 Days of Horror: Day 2

    This is one of my favourite found footage films. It’s feels real, like you’re genuinely watching this documentary. The acting just feels genuine, as if these are real people and they’re not acting at all. It truly is a gripping film and with a run time of just 1hr 18mins is short but sweet and perfect. 

    We see Ángela and Pablo documenting a night shift at a fire station called, “While You’re Sleeping.”…