The Heaping Bouncy Breasts That Smothered a Midget

The Heaping Bouncy Breasts That Smothered a Midget ★★★½

Clearly just a couple of teenagers in New Jersey cracking themselves up with a cheap consumer video camera. Shit like this was being made every day back then, and most people didn't have the chutzpah to charge strangers $25 to see their horsing around.

But you know what? There's something to be said for a certain strain of youthful enthusiasm, in doing something for the pure joy of creation (and because it cracks you and your friends up). I can't explain why, but I'll be goddamned if I wasn't laughing along with these dopes from pretty much the instant one of them shows up with a shamelessly ridiculous fake mustache. Call me an easy touch, but fuck it - gimme a battle between a guy with a shotgun and a guy with a forklift filmed in the basement of a school for ten cents and scored illegally to The Clash's "Know Your Rights," and you got me. I'm only human.

P.S.: There are no heaping bouncy breasts, midgets or smothering of any kind in this film. Sorry.

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