2046 ★★★★½

There's just something about Wong Kar-wai. Every rewatch of his films feels so rewarding and just makes me fall in love with him and appreciate his whole body work even more. 2046 is no exception here, especially considering that I wasn't that familiar with Kar-wai's style when I first watch it. Actually, I pretty much didn't remember a single thing other than the extremely surreal train sequence, one of the highlight of the film for me. The whole film feels dreamy with those slow-motion sequences paired with the music; and then there's the 2047 sequence I just mentioned which adds even more to that atmospheric feel the film has. Once again, it's about love, desire, lost relationships and this damned obsession we have with clinging to the past. It's just so beautiful. Wong Kar-wai might just be the best thing ever.

Everyone who goes to 2046 has the same intention, they want to recapture lost memories.

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