Frances Ha ★★★★

This really great, although I was expecting something funnier. It's still is quite funny by moments; Greta Gerwig's performance is a hell lot of fun. Still, I found the story of Frances to be quite sad by moments. It seems everything isn't going according to her plan and she doesn't want people to know that she didn't succeed. Late in the film, she starts to spew out lies about her lies to everyone, just so that they think that she's successful. I found this part of the movie somewhat quite sad. Still, it's really great. The direction is neat and the movie has a gorgeous black and white cinematography that gives a nice feel. The screenplay is nothing short of perfect. Greta Gerwig is fucking great once again. The supporting actors also give honest performances. I kinda want a spinoff about Adam Driver's character. Overall, Frances Ha is both fun and sad; it felt quite real to me thanks to its characters, sharp writing and great performances.

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