Gremlins ★★★

All the Boys Love Hooptober 6.0

The story might not be the thing that revolutionized in cinema, it actually feel and look a lot like those cheap 1980s horror film, but damn those Gremlins are hilarious. It'll probably not come as a surprise considering it's the title of the film, but these Gremlins are the best thing about this. The sequence in the bar? Pure genius. It's just so damn funny. Gremlins as Christmas carollers? Hell yeah! And while the climax in the store ran a tad for too long in my opinion, but then, Stripe wielding a chainsaw or running away on a tricycle was glorious. Like I said, I don't feel like Gremlins's story is that good; it's pretty straightforward and the characters aren't really interesting. Yet, with the help of some really awesome special effects and black comedy, Gremlins manages to work quite well and is some great fun!

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