In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

In a weird way, I don't like rewatching films all the time. The reason as to why is as simple as it's dumb: I always feel that when I rewatch a film I lose an opportunity to actually discover a new film; a new one which could end up being one of my favourites (I know it's really stupid). Yet, I still think rewatches are incredibly important. Take In the Mood for Love, the first time I watched it I really liked it, but wasn't completely in awe over it. Then one year later, I rewatched it and once again, quite liked, but wasn't over my head like pretty much everyone else. And now there's today. After this third rewatch I can say I'm in love with Kar-wai's masterpiece. Maybe not for the same reasons as everyone, but I can't get enough of it. The way Kar-wai frames every shot is just to die for. It's not only the shot per se, but the way he frames the whole film; it's just so damn great. I had watched a video in which it explained how lots of the framing is actually within other frames (window or door) and I couldn't stop noticing it this time, it's genius. I also had never realized how dreamy this film is. The music paired with the slow-motion... it's just visual poetry and so dreamlike. know I've said I don't like to repeatedly rewatch films, but I know I'll have trouble not constantly rewatching In the Mood for Love, or simply anything Wong Kar-wai has made.

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