Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★½

I haven't seen many films from Sion Sono, but man does this feels just like him. What an insane story. I think Why Don't You Play is Hell? is straight up bananas, but Love Exposure has the crazier story in my opinion. I can't believe Sono managed to mix religion, upskirt photography, pornography, love and so many other things perfectly. It's so big in its scope and its length and yet, it works so fucking well. Would have been so easy for Sono to get lost somewhere, especially considering how long it is, but he manages to keep the story in focus. It still remains insane, but has some really intimate scenes. You can't do justice to Sion Sono with words. You have to watch it, experience it. Love Exposure is clearly amongst the craziest films I've ever seen, yet amongst its insanity it remains one great love story.

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