Manchester by the Sea ★★★★

I was honestly expecting something more giving all the praise; not to say I didn't like it, on the contrary, I really loved it. There are two things that stand out from Manchester by the Sea. The first is the performances. Everyone in this movie is on their A game; they're simply incredibles. Lead by Casey Affleck's tremendous performance of Lee Chandler, the rest of the cast just follow along. Affleck is perfect; I've always been a fan of Casey Affleck and knew he was a terrific actor. He proved it to the world in this movie. I had no idea who was Lucas Hedges prior to this movie; the kid's pretty damn good. His chemistry with Affleck is on pair and makes everything more believable. Michelle Williams isn't there much, but she makes each of her presence felt. Kyle Chandler and C.J. Wilson also both chip good performances. The other thing that make the movie so good is the screenplay. This script is really great. Both the story and the lines are great. The way the characters talk over each other and struggles with what they're saying makes the movie more believable and real. Although I knew the movie was sad, I didn't expect it to be that depressing. Holy shit. I was really feeling down; however, it has some bits of humour that work really well and that are actually pretty funny. Manchester by the Sea is a terrific movie about a broken man dealing with grief; it's worth it for the story and the superb performances.

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