Mirror ★★★½

This is difficult to fully grasp. I'll be honest: I had no idea what was happening. The absence of any cohesive narrative had me completely lost. The fact the movie is semi-autobiographic doesn't help to clarify things either: Tarkovsky shows us his memories, but they're never really clear. Add to that the fact that Alyosha's mother and wife is played by the same actress. I was so confused by moments and had no idea in which time frame some scenes were. Yet, all this seems fitting. The non linear structure of the film fits perfectly with the concept of memories. Our memories are never really clear. We mostly remember fragments of a certain event and never the whole event. It also helps that the movie is stunning. I keep repeating myself every time I talk about Tarkovsky's films, but they're just a feast for the eyes. From the shot of the barn burning to the ending in the fields, every thing is pure beauty. I can't figure out which one of his film is the prettiest; they all look so good. Now, how do I rate Mirror? I have no idea. I know I liked it and the more I think about it, the more I seem to be enthral by it. Even if I didn't understand a thing. It seems there's a little something that keeps coming back... An eventual rewatch will definitely help and maybe I'll be able to follow a bit more the second time around.

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