The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera ★★½

All the Boys Love Hooptober 6.0

A part of me thinks that since this was a silent film, it explains why I wasn't invested into it... but during last year's Hooptober, I watched The Phantom Carriage and it managed to captivate me for the whole duration of the film. I think the problem with The Phantom of Opera is that, to me, it isn't particularly impressive. Yet, it's still is, because I'm always in awe at the fact that people were already crafting those productions almost 100 years ago. Still, compared to some of the other silent films I have seen, I can't seem to find something to connect with the film. Sure, some of the colour changes are pretty neat and there's Lon Chaney... but other than that? The ambiance isn't incredible, the story is quite repetitive in my opinion and eventually becomes a tad dull. And I watched the original version which is close to two hours and it's quite too long in my opinion. Another case of a film I don't think is bad by any means, but that just didn't work that much for me.

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