Don't Worry Darling

Don't Worry Darling

You know how there's always someone you know that thinks they are an expert on a topic after reading one wikipedia article? that's this movie.

I won't lie, I liked the trailer of this movie and was looking forward to it pre-drama. The drama was just a nice little add on but I didn't realize how simple and reductive this movie was going to be.

Wilde has done herself no favors, calling this movie one of female pleasure given the context which said pleasure takes place is incredibly ignorant? Not to mention, the notion that the men this movie is criticizing just want women to be housewives, that's reductive. Yes there is a growing problem with respect to "alpha male" personalities, but the notion that these guys want a housewife is incredibly superficial. It feels like the writers watched one segment on Jordan Peterson on CNN as their research.
Tonally this movie is all over the place, it doesn't know if it wants to criticize the idea its presenting or simply present it? Kroll and Kate Berlant feel like they are in a different movie half the time. Styles is out of his depth, it's simply too much to be in your second movie and have to act next to Florence Pugh and Chris Pine. There's one scene where he's supposed to feel honored, validated by the latter and he just plays it so straight faced that the moment lost any meaning it could've had.

Pugh is the best part of the movie, alongside the production design. Pine standout because he's the only other character with something to do. Gemma Chan is wasted and well no spoilers, but wtf?

Subtext is not something Wilde seemingly believes in, and without going into heavy spoilers the reveal/scheme is telegraphed from the moment we start the movie.

my little sister's review: "i can't believe i wasted 2 hours of my night with this"

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