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  • The Blood of Heroes

    The Blood of Heroes


    I expect to like this a lot more because large parts of it are similar to what I like to write about but I genuinely love the weird blend of 17776, Mad Max and Reign of Fire that this has; sport is often undersold by its detractors as an excess property of society so it's nice to see some kind of formal emphasis on what sport is and why sport matters. It's also surprisingly smart; decidedly against concerning itself with…

  • 2012



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    the only reason i rewatched this was because i was 90% certain that the movie ended with africa miraculously being the only continent that fully survived the end of the world and i just had to double check

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  • The Box

    The Box


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    boxes can't give you a million dollars without consequences, that's wrong! this is some original sin propaganda, meant to turn our kids blind and deaf; no son of mine's fuckin blind and deaf—ADAM AND EEEEEEEEVE!!!!!!!

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    murder, knock it off

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