Demons 2

Demons 2 ★★★★

So, where to begin? This was shot in Hamburg, yet people are called Sally or George and they speak Italian. Also, for some reason the apartment building looks like an office complex. And as if this didn't already make me go cross-eyed, I learned afterwards that what I thought to be the first Demons, was actually Demons 2 because they switched titles for German distribution. Obviously.

Either way, I loved it. Demons 2 had a feel of childlike imagination to it. The movie is mostly just things happening, but it's one amazing thing per minute. The inciding incident is a demon from a movie coming out of the TV screen, then there's a demon dog named Devil and athletes fighting demons with gym equipment - just to name a few. I also need to mention how perfectly creepy the demons' glowing eyes look.

I didn't like the final 10 minutes, though. I desperately hoped the street racing gang would join the fight against the demon hordes to save the day.

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