Dune ★★★★

On the drive home my mate and I put it this way: It's like going on a blind date with a person who you already know you are going to like a lot. You are ready to get your heart taken by storm and to fall in love head over heels. Then Dune shows up at the bar and tells you right away that it wants to take it extremely slow and for you to first get to know its world. Also, the second date won't happen until 4 years later because Warner hasn't even greenlit the thing yet. I can respect that and it might very well be the better way to go in the long run. Still, I can't help myself feeling a bit disenchanted.

Recently, I read a few reviews that compared Dune's bombastic presentation and sprawling world to seeing The Lord of the Rings on the big screen for the very first time. I find this a more apt comparison than it might seem from my first paragraph: When I saw Fellowship for the first time I remember feeling a bit confused and not too sure what to make of it. I was twelve. Dune gave me a similar feeling yesterday night. I was very tired (full disclosure).

Time will tell if this is going to become a classic the same way Lord of the Rings did. Technically speaking, every aspect of this is in its place for it to be excatly that. I'm not the biggest fan of Zimmer's score but it definitely isn't bad. And if you are using letterboxd you are big enough a fan of movies that I can easily recommend it to you.

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