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  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs


    I have been resisting posting reviews here, because at a certain point the whole "be the product of the social media corporation" model starts to feel a little sour. But damn it. STEVE JOBS is just so entertaining. It's being dumped in the New Zealand market four months after it opened in the States and a scant fortnight before the bluray release, and it was shown to media here two days out from opening, meaning I can't review it in…

  • Godzilla



    And that's Gareth Edwards done. Or I'd hope so.

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  • Mr Wrong

    Mr Wrong


    Fascinating to discover that a film shot in my home town when I was 20-odd is now a period piece. Glass milk bottles!

    The writing is your basic 80s NZ tell-don't-show, with some heavy-handed feminism sitting very oddly with some wince-inducingly accurate Kiwi character writing. I'm going to go ahead and assert that the former was calculated and deliberate, and the latter was Gaylene Preston freewheeling between beats: her instincts are much stronger than her skills at this point in…

  • Chef



    The director of IRON MAN 2 and COWBOYS AND ALIENS makes a sweet little movie about a chef who's sold out to the money men and needs to reconnect with real cooking. Wait, is that a meta... - no, as you were.

    Could really have done without the cute kid, and writing in lots of digs about your weight doesn't make up for casting yourself as the guy neither Sofia Vergara nor Scarlett Johansson can take their eyes off. (I mean, really. Really?) But this is still pretty easy to like.