It Follows

It Follows ★★★★

Horror/thriller films these days over dramatize the suspense factors to the point where they're just not enjoyable. However, It Follows doesn't over dramatize anything and it is beautiful.

Storyline is a little awkward because you never get an answer of why, which I would've liked a bit of background as to why "it" is following whomever it was following. You just have to accept things and move on with the film. However, the execution of this film as a whole is gorgeous.

There are times when the film is a little slow, even to the point where nothing happens at all, but that's time for the cinematography and camerawork to shine even more than it has already been doing from the beginning. It Follows beautifully shot. Soak in the scenes when no dialogue is spoken. It's enough to say you want to marry whoever was in charge of lighting because holy hell is it amazing.

Not only was the camerawork/cinematography at top notch, the soundtrack was so on point that I want to buy it right now. I'm really loving films today that are doing these 80's synth music homages. It makes for a great companion to scenes. Puts you on the edge of your seat.

Let's not forget the acting. Personally, Maika Monroe in The Guest didn't do it for me. Yet, in It Follows, she blew me away. This was all hers. I'm very excited to see where her career goes from here because she's got potential.

So shut your laptop down and go watch this film in the theaters. It deserves your money!

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