La La Land

La La Land ★★★★½

I'm in love. I'm in love with everything in this. A primary color fantasy that nods at classic Hollywood while bringing a modern twist.

While I believe it lacked on more choreographed dance numbers (preferably more tap!) and I personally would not have casted Emma Stone...but that didn't keep me from negating the whole movie.

This film depicts how tough it is to make it in Los Angeles. Decrepit apartments, doing jobs you don't want to do just to make ends meet, and finally getting that chance big break. I heard it constantly that that is how to get somewhere over there, by pure luck.

La La Land is filled with beautiful composed songs, a wonderful score from Justin Hurwitz yet again, and cinematography that encapsulates you into the world of Gosling and Stone.

While I prefer Whiplash over La La Land (by a hair!), I cannot wait to see what Chazelle does next. I can feel that this movie is one that I will rewatch if I need a pick me up. It's such a fun watch.

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