Arrival ★★★★★

this is literally a perfect movie and i am insane for it not being my favorite of 2016 when i saw it then.

this was the first time i rewatched this movie and it's crazy how much you get out of going back for a second viewing. the thing that i didn't appreciate on the first go that really hit home watching again was how the film's structure reorients our understanding of flashback devices, which mirrors perfectly the film's narrative about language reorienting our understanding of time. the way we as the viewer understand that we are experiencing film-time in a new way as amy adam's character is learning that she is experiencing her own time in a new one is fucking brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's also just a deeply deeply emotionally affecting story of tragedy. nearly all of the scenes with amy adam's daughter made me sob uncontrollably from the get go. it's a really lovely depiction of the idea of experiencing life for all the pain that comes with it, but not being afraid of that element when joy comes out of it too.

also how the phone call adam's makes at the climax is fully reliant on how she's learned to see time in a new way, and the way that scene unfolds with intercutting as each piece of information is revealed is thrilling. it's just an incredible film which explores the concepts of time and language with such insight and empathy, and manages to make a fucking mind-blowing cinematic experience at the same time. it's so beautifully rich and detailed across the board.

i'm a dork!! this is what going to da moviesh is all about!!

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