Bacurau ★★★★

fantastic!! watched through the roxie theater's digital screening room.

an exceptional film that's structure works really advantageously in both establishing character and suspense. by allowing a significant chunk of time before we are introduced to our antagonists, we build a relationship to the people of bacurau and uncover the mystery in small pieces and clues just as they would, the audience getting all of the pieces just moments before the main characters.

the moment we receive the information we've been hidden is such a gleefully disturbing tonal break that it immediately breaks down the viewer's understanding of the film so far and primes you well for the insane nature of what's to follow. it's very successful at making you utterly confused, excited, and then deeply upset.

domingas is my future life goals, you knock over my table of drinks, i've got a flask at the ready. i hope that donkey makes it back safely.

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