BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

In a career that has produced multiple classics, this may be Spike Lee’s finest hour as a filmmaker.  There’s something so assured about his direction, and the story he wants to bring to the screen, that it all comes together perfectly. The sociopolitical importance of the subject matter, and the power of its message, are embedded deftly into its fabric, allowing the film to carry the weight of its truths amidst the entertaining nature of its execution.  There is tragedy, comedy, suspense, cultivated character development, and a richly textured atmosphere that makes the cinematic experience feel very immersive.  
            The performances of John David Washington and Adam Driver carry the film, but the rest of the ensemble cast also does great work.  
            This film hits all the right notes, with Lee finding just the right moments to inject personal touches into the narrative, giving them the feeling of mood pieces that elevate the entire structure.
            The cinematography and editing are both brilliant as well, seamlessly fusing to help make Lee’s vision a reality.  
            30 years later, Lee is still imploring this nation to do the right thing, and to come to terms with its racist history, in an effort to bring together humanity — to learn from the past in order to change the future.

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