Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

An unabashed masterpiece from the wizard Lynch who is so adept at experimenting with tone and style, as he effortlessly weaves between different worlds, all within the context of one connected narrative.  There’s truly nothing like this film — its fearless audacity in carving out its own space with no expectation of ultimate comprehension.  Lynch may sometimes be considered esoteric in a Malick sense, and one can live or die by such public polarization.  But like Malick, when he is able to execute one of his Dreams into reality with such finesse and detail, and personal vision, it has the ability to truly transport the viewer into another realm.  A lesson in maintaining the balance between abstraction and specificity.  
          Also possesses an incredible screenplay, and a talented cast that makes the most of every character.  
          Cinematography is very important in this, with brilliant shots of L.A. throughout, and aerial establishment shots of the city serving as some sort of hovering unseen menace pursuing potential prey.  The distinct art direction of Lynch films is also on display, with color playing a key role in its cinematic composition.    
          Subtle nods to Sunset Blvd throughout and the ending had a Wizard of Oz sense to it as well.  
          Lynch’s best work, in my opinion.

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