Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

My favorite action flick of all time.  The way Cameron changed the landscape of visual effects is truly a remarkable achievement.  The way he incorporated it into a compelling story with memorable characters, while also effortlessly infusing moments of humor, is also commendable.  The editing is superb; each set piece stands out from the other with perfect clarity, and never seems superfluous.  
          Linda Hamilton’s transformation into a complete badass is one of the biggest takeaways.  It gave the film a sharper edge and set it apart from the original.  
          Arnold does a lot of the heavy lifting in this (no pun intended) actingwise, with a brilliant performance, perfectly capturing what it might be like for a cyborg to try to learn what it means to be human.  There is a sincerity in his moment-to-moment acting and an eagerness to absorb meaning that is very unique.  
           And, of course, Robert freakin’ Patrick as the villain.  He brings an ice-cold stare and a sociopathic menace to every moment he has on-screen, and his presence pervades the film in a haunting way.  
           This sets the bar high for action films — there are a few that come close (Die Hard, Speed, Hard Boiled), but, in my opinion, none that approach the zenith that is T2.

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