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  • Back to the Beach

    Back to the Beach


    Although I wasn't born yet, I am a big fan of the 60's beach movie series. I saw this long ago in the 80's when I had not yet seen any of the previous beach movies. To say I appreciated it more now upon a rewatch, would be an understatement, dude!

    It looks like it would not be such a good idea on the surface, but the movie is a both a loving tribute to the original movies and 60's…

  • Operation Bikini

    Operation Bikini


    Frankie Avalon and bikinis...what could go wrong?

    Uh...this turned out to be a war movie aboard a submarine headed for Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific.

    It's adequate entertainment, although the sudden Frankie Avalon musical dream sequence within the first fifteen minutes kinda took me off guard. Is this a war movie or a Frankie Avalon beach movie, make up your mind?!


    Looks like I'm the only person to review this movie...yowza!

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  • Saturday Night Fever

    Saturday Night Fever


    This movie is not mainly about disco, it's just a setting for the characters.

    Disco was fun, people were dancing and having fun, the 70's was probably more fun for most people because of it. You didn't have to like disco to go to a disco to be social and interact with people, but disco made that widely popular. Some of you reading this now probably owe your very existence to disco.

    A lot of hate came from people who…

  • Split



    M. Night, you've been holding out on us! Welcome back! I now forgive you for The Happening.