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  • The Bermuda Triangle

    The Bermuda Triangle


    Some beautiful scenery and some of the all-time WORST dubbing ever do not a classic make. The "story" can't make up it's mind where it's headed either. John Huston directed some classic films, and yet acted in countless crappy movies for others, like this one.

  • Suburbicon



    Starts out great but veers off course at some point. Still, it's a Coen brother's script starring this cool assembly of actors so you're gonna have a lot to enjoy.

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  • Saturday Night Fever

    Saturday Night Fever


    This movie is not mainly about disco, it's just a setting for the characters.

    Disco was fun, people were dancing and having fun, the 70's was probably more fun for most people because of it. You didn't have to like disco to go to a disco to be social and interact with people, but disco made that widely popular. Some of you reading this now probably owe your very existence to disco.

    A lot of hate came from people who…

  • Split



    M. Night, you've been holding out on us! Welcome back! I now forgive you for The Happening.