Black Christmas

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This review may contain spoilers.


* That bloody candy cane poster

* Maybe because it's so different from the other versions, I found myself never bored and a little intrigued for awhile

* The cat was cute and survives the movie

* Imogene Poots. I like saying her name out loud and she delivers a fine performance

* The lack of death-by-plastic-bag-suffocation scenes that the 2006 movie did over and over and over (and over!) in homage to the 1974 original

* That pro-woman attitude. Who doesn't love a strong woman?


* Forgot I was watching a horror movie for the longest while, too long actually. A Christmas horror movie, in fact, which seemed not like a Christmas movie in any way either. It's sinful to set your movie at Christmas and proceed to not make it seem Christmasy in any way

* Cary Elwes. I knew after Saw and Kiss the Girls you were most likely the killer. Fire your agent, you were in The Princess Bride for crying out loud!

* That supernatural twist...Bob Clark would not approve and neither do I!

* A remake in name only. There's no plot similarities other than young women being murdered. After that, it goes off in some completely rando direction. It made me think of the Paul Walker movie The Skulls more than the original Black Christmas.

* A weak slasher movie, being PG-13 sure doesn't help. I only hope people don't see this and hate it and decide never to check out the original based on not liking this.

* It makes the 2006 Black Christmas seem like the 1974 Black Christmas in comparison. Well, not really, but you know...

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