Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★★

Two astronomers attempt to warn Earth of an impending catastrophic comet strike, but folks are more interested in trending topics and Facebook likes. It's a satire filled with Oscar winners and wannabes. It gets a little out there at times, but still never as bizarre as modern day American politics.

Gets better as it progresses. The rhythm is a little off but stick with it. Its the most fun/depressing apocalyptic comedy of the holiday season. The parallels to life on Earth in late 2021 are glaringly obvious.

DiCaprio has morphed into James Lipton. He and J-Law both get to turn purple and swear profusely.

I didn't recognize Cate Blanchett, which I suppose is the best compliment an actor could hope for?

Was that Meryl Streep's actual bare ass or some body double with a tramp-stamp?

Best Moment: Ron Perlman as a gung ho former astronaut/red-blooded American bigot shooting his guns at the comet from his own backyard (because that's what these people would do).

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