Parasite ★★★★★

I listened to all of you and learned almost nothing about this beforehand. Holy crap, I'm so glad I did that! The emotions I experienced while watching this ran the full spectrum.

Although this takes place mainly in one house in South Korea, I feel like I was transported to another world entirely. Bong Joon Ho has a way of luring you into his stories and keeping you fully invested, and then the ride begins!

The main characters are not necessarily nice people, but they aren't evil either. You never really know if you like what they're doing or not. Showing them at their worst, their best and their even worse still keeps things interesting. You'll never know where this story is going, it keeps you thinking. I'm still thinking about it all, I shouldn't even be writing this review right now, my brain is still trying to digest all this movie roughage!

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