Possessor ★★★★½

Gotta love it when a movie has you so excited that you don't know even where to start reviewing it from. Well, here goes...

In the not so distant future, a secret organization can access the bodies of others, and uses this technology to possess them with assassins who then kill for them. It's an incredibly amoral and terrifying concept.

Andrea Riseborough plays Tasya Vos, a married mother of a young son. She goes off to work to take over the bodies of people and then forces them to commit suicide when she's done, so that she may return to her own body. How incredibly corrupt and evil is that? And she's the person we're meant to root for? When Tasya takes over the body of Colin Tate, things hit a major snag when Tate manages to wrestle some form of control back from her. I won't reveal anything else other than to say this gets wild and warped.

Brandon Cronenberg, you sick bastard! I love that you inherited your father's love of all that is squeamishly provocative and good old fashioned dystopian creativity too. I did not love his last movie, Antiviral, nearly as much as I hoped, but Possessor is an incredible work of art. I watched the uncut version, and there are three major violent stabbing incidents that were so brutal and graphic that they would shock even the most jaded horror aficionados. I was uncomfortable, but in the best way possible, if that makes sense, because a movie was affecting me as intended.

Cronenberg shocks us, but he makes us think too. It's not hard to think this sort of thing really isn't too far off in reality, which is where the true horror lies.

Highly recommended for horror fans and people with strong constitutions who enjoy thought provoking horror/sci-fi with a sophisticated edge.

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