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  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season

  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season

    rewatched it because all i could think about is lesbian aubrey plaza in suits :( and i wanted to re-assess my initial thoughts on the movie.

    i still p much stand by what i wrote in my first review except the first bullet point because i couldn't get myself to wholly buy into this in the end :-( but i still like this anyway bc i like seeing gays happy and riley is really such a great character! patron saint of friendship <3

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  • The Woman and The Gun

    The Woman and The Gun

    - damn i can't believe i sat through this...... i wanted to leave so bad lol it was clunky and performative feMaLE EmPoWErmENt pa more
    - this was interesting at first but the levelling (revenge?) tactics got old too fast, the backstory of the gun went on for too long that i almost forgot what was happening in the beginning, the ending became unrewarding and just made me feel like it was thrown in so she can clean her conscience…

  • Late Spring

    Late Spring

    first ozu film! so lovely; i loved the composition, the way he would focus on the character's faces when they talk, and how he inexplicitly includes people/events. was thinking about First Love/Late Spring throughout most of it bc a few days ago i read smth abt how Mitski's film influences are underrated tas shet... ok gets ko na sobrang ganda it made the song x100 more emo hu hu hu

    (update: omg fake news pala sabi ni ate mitski wala daw talagang konek yung song sa movie... based on feelings lang daw yung title wahaha)