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  • Too Much Johnson

    Too Much Johnson


    2018 has resurrected Orson Welles. TOO MUCH JOHNSON already display Welles' virtuoso editing. His conflicting editing with shots jumping left, right, and upside down even makes plants bristle with hanky panky, an absolute surreal way to convey sexual energy. The scenes are dynamic silent cinema with stunning use of deep focus, Dutch tilts, and angled shots. The chase sequences are interminable, but are quite well-executed.

    For lack of deeper meaning in this movie, Welles actually does takes powers down a…

  • Moi, un Noir

    Moi, un Noir


    MOI, UN NOIR shows Nigerian immigrants channeling effortless cool in Abidjan. Christening themselves Edward Robinson, Eddie Constantine (Lemmy Caution), and Petit Jules, the young men prove that they are just as cool as Western celebrities and even cooler with their savvy, tongue-in-cheek knowledge of pop culture and their passions, dreams, and liberties in everyday life.

    The documentary film mostly uses energetic jump cuts (which will prove influential) to condense the mundanity of life into a joyful celebration and glamorous dance,…

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  • Infernal Affairs

    Infernal Affairs


    The true and full impact of INFERNAL AFFAIRS and its marvelously constructed story can only exist in the unique context of Hong Kong as a British colony taken from the old Chinese empire, and later handed over to Communist China. INFERNAL AFFAIRS deals with changing identities, the search for each other and oneself, loyalties, morality, and digging into the past to see similarities and parallels since the point of divergence (colonialism) and reunion (1997 handover). These points are literally confirmed…

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    I hate Lady Bird. I’m glad I didn’t pay anything to watch this movie.

    For someone from a poor background, Christine (who christens herself with the asinine name of Lady Bird, which is a real mouthful) talks and acts with a disgusting amount of privilege, pettiness, and insensitivity. I already hated this movie just from the trailer when she basically casually attempts suicide by rolling out of a car after an argument barely happened with her mother. I don't even…