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  • Nightmare



    This one is a notorious Video Nasty, and it's not hard to see why given the violence and one scene of graphic female masturbation in a 42nd street peep show. If you're a fan of "Maniac" or "Don't Go into the House", or any other assorted grimy slashers that use New York as a backdrop, you'll probably find a lot to enjoy from this one, although New York is only one of several locations this film takes advantage of.


  • Cut and Run

    Cut and Run


    Apparently an intended Wes Craven project that fell into the hands of Ruggero Deodato, who was not up to a lot at the time, this later period Italian exploitation film actually has a lot to offer in the entertainment, casting, and violence and gore departments. It also doesn't feature a bunch of animals being killed on screen, which pretty much earns it one of its stars alone.

    Look at some of this cast: a coked-out Willie Aames; a crazy-as-fuck badass…

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  • Deadpool



    Remember "Shoot'Em Up"? This is that, with more jokes, and less smarts. From what I understand about the character of Deadpool (I've never read the comics) this seems pretty true to what that character is about. A fourth wall-breaking, super-powered anti-hero hit man. Outside of some of the jokes and performances, most of the plot is ho-hum, and the action scenes were competent, but only had real sizzle when they are set-ups for jokes. No doubt the hype train and the die-hard fans of this character will make this a "classic". This was fun, but I never need to see it again.

  • Beyond the Gates

    Beyond the Gates


    There's Crampton, there's some ideas, and there's a lot of leaning on VHS obsessed nerds remembering the good ol' days. That unbelievably massive rental store made me smile, I'll admit. Then there's a lot of stuff that goes nowhere. Far too much. Oh well, there's been worse retro throw-backs.