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  • Aquaslash



    I'm okay with the concept: smash together a raunchy 1980s teen sex comedy with a gimmicky 1980s slasher. However, this film leans too hard on the sex comedy and ultimately only seems interested in being a silly parody of both genres when it's all said and done.

    The film's slasher elements are too weak, with the blood and guts only really coming at the very end, and by then it feels too late. Weird to say considering it's only 71…

  • To Hell and Gone

    To Hell and Gone


    A tightly-written modern western with some spaghetti cowboy homages, and characters who really jump out with some well-done dialogue. I enjoyed the major reveal in the final act, and how our protagonist (credited as "The Stranger") is really just an observer until he makes some drastic choices by the end.

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  • QT World: Fearless I Am

    QT World: Fearless I Am

    So I watched this because one of my favourite podcasts (Movie Melt) covered it. This "movie" was indeed a series of animated pictures running in a sequence over a period of time.

    I feel like someday, when I'm at my weakest, when drugs or alcohol let the nightmares creep into my brain, this will be leading the charge. Those dead eyes, those voices...the morphing. It's a cursed film, and as terrible as it is I could not look away or…

  • Cold Ground

    Cold Ground


    When it comes to found footage films you're most likely not going to reinvent the wheel. Honestly, for me, unless it comes close to "The Blair Witch Project" it's generally not going to work for me. "Cold Ground" comes close.

    Set in the 1970s, using a retro camera, and giving us likeable characters, the film manages to build a world for us without making it look like it's been constructed for a film. We follow a mixed group of people…