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  • Logan



    The best Wolverine we've gotten on the big screen by far, and thanks to films like "Deadpool", it's able to be more "adult" in where it can go compared to the previous X-Men films. It's not a flashy superhero film, full of larger than life characters. Instead, it's a desperate chase film, a father-son tale (Logan/Xavier), and ultimately a father-daughter tale (Logan/Laura).

    This is very much in the tradition of "Starman"; "ET" and the recent "Midnight Special": it's the shady/evil…

  • The Heroin Busters

    The Heroin Busters


    How Fabio Testi didn't become more of a bigger star eludes me. He not only pulls of one of the most terrible 1970s-era costumes ever seen in Italian cinema, but he effortlessly runs, shoots, and quips his way through this slam-bang action film, while holding his own with a very game David Hemmings.

    Enzo G. Castellari's last Poliziotteschi of the 1970s is at times an over-the-top comic book, and at other times a dingy, somewhat naive look at drug culture.…

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  • Deadpool



    Remember "Shoot'Em Up"? This is that, with more jokes, and less smarts. From what I understand about the character of Deadpool (I've never read the comics) this seems pretty true to what that character is about. A fourth wall-breaking, super-powered anti-hero hit man. Outside of some of the jokes and performances, most of the plot is ho-hum, and the action scenes were competent, but only had real sizzle when they are set-ups for jokes. No doubt the hype train and the die-hard fans of this character will make this a "classic". This was fun, but I never need to see it again.

  • Torso



    After a few rewatches, I've come to like "Torso" far much more than I previously had. Classic giallo elements are highlighted by some fairly intense proto-slasher film trappings, not always present in its contemporaries. There seems to be a more modern feminist slant to this film, far ahead of its time, minus the final girl trope (as it really wasn't a trope in 1973), in that it presents all the male characters as drooling creeps at best and murderous misogynists…