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  • The Time Machine

    The Time Machine


    While one would expect there to be bits of Wells original text exercised from this, there's a surprising amount left. Really, it's just his political stuff that's dumbed-down. In fact, this is downright faithful and tweaked to modernise the anti-war message to include in the cold war and atomic warfare. There's also a bit of a heartfelt undercurrent of common human decency explored between the central characters, that makes this more than just a sci-fi adventure film.

    The sets and…

  • Takers


    It looked fine. Big cast, decent budget, competent production values. But I think I've hit my limit with these slicked-up "Thief"/"Heat" knock-offs, and soul-devoid caper/action films in general. I never again need to see a non-ironic scene showing our protagonists walking away in slow-motion from something they just blew up. It pretty much tells me all I need to know about a movie, I think. That was in the first ten minutes or so, and I was done. Life is too short. I could have been watching "Lady Snowblood". Or sleeping. Something.

    Out of fairness, I didn't stick with it, so I'll not rate it.

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  • Deadpool



    Remember "Shoot'Em Up"? This is that, with more jokes, and less smarts. From what I understand about the character of Deadpool (I've never read the comics) this seems pretty true to what that character is about. A fourth wall-breaking, super-powered anti-hero hit man. Outside of some of the jokes and performances, most of the plot is ho-hum, and the action scenes were competent, but only had real sizzle when they are set-ups for jokes. No doubt the hype train and the die-hard fans of this character will make this a "classic". This was fun, but I never need to see it again.

  • Torso



    After a few rewatches, I've come to like "Torso" far much more than I previously had. Classic giallo elements are highlighted by some fairly intense proto-slasher film trappings, not always present in its contemporaries. There seems to be a more modern feminist slant to this film, far ahead of its time, minus the final girl trope (as it really wasn't a trope in 1973), in that it presents all the male characters as drooling creeps at best and murderous misogynists…