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  • The Loreley's Grasp

    The Loreley's Grasp


    Part monster movie, part slasher film, part euro sex comedy (almost), rooted in German mythology. The ladies look nice, the gore is often great, and Tony Kendall is the least convincing monster hunter ever. The way he dresses gives Fabio Testi in "The Heroin Busters" a run for his money as most stylish macho jerk in 1970s cinema. Billy Connely somehow got his hands on a time machine and plays a scientist with the world's most unsanitary lab.

    Amando de…

  • Last Rampage

    Last Rampage


    Based on a real-life prison break and manhunt, which resulted in several innocent people being killed as the criminals fled for the Mexican border. The made-for-tv "A Killer in the Family", starring Robert Mitchum, also covered the same story, but it was far tamer.

    It's well-acted, frank in its violence, and it doesn't wrap up with much of a "happy" ending, but it never feels exploitative. Honestly, all that separates this from something playing in a 1970s drive-in would be…

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  • Brawl in Cell Block 99

    Brawl in Cell Block 99


    Wow. Unflinching brutality, and probably a better throw-back to pure exploitation than anything most more well-known retro throw-backs could ever hope to produce. Instead of trying to recapture that sort of low budget film from the 1970s, this film just is that sort of film, if that makes sense. It's not a recreation of a style, it just is a pure exploitation film. Grimy, mean, violent, driven. The only difference is that it has top notch production values and casting in its favour. Some of this made me cringe and it made me take notice. It's something. It's beautiful.

  • Deadpool



    Remember "Shoot'Em Up"? This is that, with more jokes, and less smarts. From what I understand about the character of Deadpool (I've never read the comics) this seems pretty true to what that character is about. A fourth wall-breaking, super-powered anti-hero hit man. Outside of some of the jokes and performances, most of the plot is ho-hum, and the action scenes were competent, but only had real sizzle when they are set-ups for jokes. No doubt the hype train and the die-hard fans of this character will make this a "classic". This was fun, but I never need to see it again.