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  • Glass



    Kevin Wendell Crumb, or more specifically the Horde within him, are up to their old tricks again - kidnapping and chaining up four cheerleaders in a disused warehouse, subjecting them to the impressive and unsettling array of characters so brilliantly introduced to us in Split. Meanwhile, David Dunn runs a security company with his son, venturing out on walks to try and get a sense of any bad guys out on the streets, continuing the work he began in Unbreakable.…

  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation really, REALLY wants to shock you. At the start, it even gives out a warning, listing out all the offensive and shocking things coming up, along with a very quick clip of them all. That’s how cool and edgy it thinks it is. It’s all parties and social media, girls are all bitchy, boys are all idiots. And it’s all strung together with bad editing, loud jarring music and a nonsensical plot. Maybe I’m just a little too…

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  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    My little brother would have absolutely lost his geeky shit over this movie. That thought continued to pop into my head as I watched and enjoyed Civil War. He was a massive superhero and comic nerd who sadly lost his battle with cancer shortly before the release of Age of Ultron last year, a movie he was so looking forward to seeing. Likewise he was just as pumped for Civil War too, and I could imagine the huge geeky grin…

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

    10 Cloverfield Lane


    Loved it. John Goodman is fantastic, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is badass. Aside from a slight lull in the middle, I was totally gripped the whole way through as the tension and mystery increased. Amazing.