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  • Taxi



    This sweet little movie by a man banned from filmmaking is full of quirky characters who often address movies in some way. They ride along in his taxi, living their daily lives, and whether these are actors or not doesn't matter. (My own personal sense was that they're not, even if their rides weren't accidents.) It's all so good-natured that it's easy to overlook the darker undertone that this is being made by a director who can only smuggle out…

  • The Horse Soldiers

    The Horse Soldiers


    Not the best John Ford by any means, but interesting in its depiction of interactions between the Union troops and people in the Confederacy. It's pretty cliched at times (John Wayne playing gruff and mean again, William Holden being noble--none of the characters are exactly deep), but some of the twists of the characters' stories are interesting. The Southern belle, smartly played by Constance Towers, goes through the only actual evolution. The movie doesn't make her too dumb--in fact, she's…

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  • Dunkirk



    A stunning film in every way.  The sound score is incredible, especially with the IMAX speakers.  It's so beautifully filmed, so genuinely epic...I need to think it over and see it again.

  • Hanagatami



    I'm so glad that I was able to see this on Mubi.

    When I began watching, I wasn't quite sure what I thought...whether it would fit in with my generally realistic tastes. The main character was so cute, like an anime character--well, I was a bit put off. But it didn't take long for me to go with it, and I found myself drawn into the lives of these friends, and curious to find out where the film would go.…