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  • Mandy



    Beautiful and idyllic romance between two weirdos followed by a violent, psychedelic nightmare. Truly felt like I was dreaming during some of this, Nic Cage as always challenging the traditional notions of film acting and the imagery goes from beautiful to hideous with wild abandon, an experience to say the least.

  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    An intriguing mix of tasteless sleaze, which comes with the territory with a title like this, and a attack on imperialism, white privilege and sensationalist media that still resonates today. Legitimate killing of animals in here though is messed up and hasn't really much of point in here other than to shock. Artistically and morally flawed to say the least but more than just schlock here.

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  • The Do-Over

    The Do-Over

    In The Dark Knight (Nolan 2008), Michael Caine's Alfred Pennyworth says that "some people just want to see the world burn". I apparently want to see myself burn, and the raging fire is watching these sort of films. This analogy is terrible. So is this movie

  • Venom



    It seems like at some point during the moviemaking process, be that during production or on the edit. The producers, high on a mix of chronic, Flaming Hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew were just like 'fuck it'. Tom Hardy is having great fun as Jim Carrey in The Mask if Jim Carrey spent most of his waking hours doing crossfit and can totally respect that.