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  • The Last Thing He Wanted

    The Last Thing He Wanted


    Even after watching THE LAST THING HE WANTED I have absolutely no idea what it's supposed to be about. It jumps all over the place and Hathaway's character doesn't really provide any reasoning as to why she's on this journey (wild goose chase? bad vacation?). I was not expecting Dee Rees to bring us such an incoherent piece of cinema.

  • Saraband



    With my second viewing of SARABAND, I may actually have liked it less than the first time. A lot of new storylines are introduced in this that aren't resolved in any manner. There's also a lot of hate exuding from some of the characters which makes it kind of infuriating to watch. Johan has become an even more cantankerous man as he's gotten older yet Marianne is still drawn towards him for some unknown reason. Is he unable to love while she is unable to stop loving?

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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    My main expectation when I go into a STAR WARS film is to be entertained. The plot doesn't even have to be that great as long as it's entertaining - enjoyable characters and some fun action and adventure. I was highly anticipating THE RISE OF SKYWALKER...but man, was I disappointed.

    Let me start with the aspects of the film that I did like. The acting was pretty solid all around with Adam Driver being the stand out. The score by…

  • The Assistant

    The Assistant


    There is a lot to interpret from the silence in THE ASSISTANT. It's an extremely quiet film where even talking is kept to a minimum. It's all for a very good reason though - there's a lot going on in that office that people just aren't going to talk about.

    This takes place over one working day of the assistant (played by Julia Garner who is great in this role). Most of it is set within the office and there…