Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD grasped my attention from the opening frame and kept it right until the credits were done rolling. I have heard some people say that Tarantino's latest film is too long and doesn't have much of a plot, but that just leaves me wondering what version did they see? I completely enjoyed the crap outta this! As the movie ended, I was ready to start watching it all over again.

Tarantino's attention to detail is top-notch. The look and feel felt so authentic - the music, clothes, hair, style, decor, and even people general attitudes and mannerisms felt very late 60's. That attention to detail was also employed during the various on-set/movies/commercials/TV shows, etc that were shown.

The entire cast was wonderful. DiCaprio gave one of his best performances; Pitt gave what I feel was a career best performance for him; and the young actor(ess - you'll know who I'm talking about if you've seen it) gave a great child performance. It did kind of pain me to see him, but I did like seeing Luke Perry during his scene.

Going in to a Tarantino film, you kind of know what you're getting into. ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD won't let you down - you'll see plenty of Tarantinoisms and it will get bloody!

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