Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½

Well, I can't say "the hype is real" about this movie because it's not just hype, this movie is for real good.

When I first heard about this movie months ago I didn't even give it a second thought. With it being a combination of my two least favourite genres (comic book movies and animated) I just assumed I probably wouldn't ever see this movie. Up to a couple weeks ago this still wasn't a movie that I was planning on seeing this December, or ever. But with such strong reviews coming out for it, it's something that I had to see for myself to see if it was being overhyped. I'm sure glad that I decided to give this a watch.

This movie is full of beautiful animation and some of the funniest dialogue of the year. I don't think anyone could watch this movie and not leave feeling happy or satisfied in some manner. With a fresh new look for a comic book movie (it looks like a real live comic strip!!), fresh ideas, and some great voice acting, this is sure to be a hit with so many different types of people.

With this movie, the door has been blown wide open for the idea that anyone can be a superhero. Girls? Yes. Middle-aged men? Yes. Men with a gut? Yes. A pig? Sure, why not! The stereotypical barriers have been broken and the door has been left open for a lot of new options and possibilities.

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