The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal ★★★★

I feel a bit out of my depth reviewing this movie, because most of the reason that I loved it so much is because of the major themes and motifs that it presents the viewer with. It covers topics that people question every day; including death and the existence of God, and I don't feel it's something I could easily discuss within this review.

I have loved the other works of Ingmar Bergman I have seen (Persona, The Wild Strawberries) and this piece is no exception. Even past the powerful themes it presents, it never takes itself too seriously, always making room for some comedic moments.

The movie is beautiful in many ways, every shot has been thought out to the tee and is paced so well. It never fails to lose interest, and still holds up as a cinematic masterpiece today. The Seventh Seal is not only a landmark in Bergman's filmography, it is a staple point in cinema and has inspired and influenced many great directors (Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Guillermo del Toro etc)

This is a must see movie for everyone; anyone will find something they love in this film, whether it's the enticing narrative, the deeper themes or the pure cinematic beauty Bergman is known for.